I grew up loving comic books, and have always enjoyed the creative experience, whether it be writing, art, or even making beer. Sadly, I have learned over the years that success in the comics field is seldom the result of originality, and (like many other would-be artists) I have a thick pile of rejection slips to show for my efforts.

But even the lowliest mongrel sniffs out the occasional bone, and in 1995 the proprietors of a local comics shop published the one and only (so far) Mitch Scheele comic book; Surf Sumo. Shortly afterwards, my old friend David Anthony Kraft included me in issue #149 of Comics Interview.

In 2002 I began writing regular columns for Northwest Brewing News, which led to a comic strip called Brewhaha, published in each issue of Mid-Atlantic Brewing News.

Over the years I have also accumulated a large quantity of unpublished material, including many works in progress, and another compete comic book; True Tales of Falsehood. My experience with Surf Sumo showed that there is little popular interest in little known one-shot comic books. To raise awareness amongst potential fans, investors, and publishers, this website has been created. And, rather making a piecemeal attempt at cracking the market, Mighty Graphics will (in the future) be releasing a series of books on a regular basis.

So, please take the time to peruse the many projects presented here, and consider purchasing a few quality MG items, as profits will be applied to future endeavors.

–––Mitch Scheele

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